Wood front doors are usually very expensive doors and very delicate, a vast number of front doors are made of stainable wood material, wood doors requires a constant maintenance, yf you don't maintain in a yearly base, water may penetrate and rotten the door. It is recomended to re-stain and seal it at least once every two years.

Staining a door is a long process, you first have to sand it to remove any imperfections and to remove any left sealer, once that is completed, you apply a coat of stain followed by a light sanding, if you are satisfied with the stain then you apply sand & Sealer and finally apply a thick coat of sealer. This process usually takes at least two days, many companies take your door to their shops, at Traditional Homes of Georgia, we work on site and finish your doors in one to two days, depending on weather.

The cost to stain a door varies based on the side of your door, the average cost for a single slab door doing interior and exterior it is about $350, the average cost for a double slab door it is about $500.00. The price also depends on the condition of the door. If you are unsure if the door needs new stain, please give us a call at 770-309-6417. We only use MINWAX products to stain your door.

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