Do you want to build a custom home for you and your family in Sandy Springs? Let’s guide you on how to do that in this post.

It is a fact that becoming a homeowner is on a lot of people's bucket lists. Think about it – a home is a great accomplishment many people dream about, and customizing your home to fit all your preferences is terrific. 

Even though older homes may be full of character and have exciting stories, most will need updates and improvements whenever a new family moves in. 

A custom home gives you and the family all the flexibility necessary to build the perfect home. And when it comes down to building it in sandy springs, there are a few things that you should know before you start the process. 

Why should I live in Sandy Springs?

Let us look at why Sandy Springs is a great place to call home and why building a custom home in the area is a great idea. 

It is vibrant

Sandy Springs is in northern Fulton County in Georgia and is home to over 100,000 residents. The city is home to several corporate headquarters, including UPS and Mercedes-Benz USA. That makes Sandy Springs, USA, a vibrant city to live in and work in. 

Its proximity to Georgia

Many cities have a vibrant culture, so what makes Sandy Springs unique? Why should anyone build their custom home in the town instead of anywhere else? As you will find out below, Sandy Springs has a lot to offer its residents, and it is a short 10-minute drive from the largest city in Georgia, Atlanta. 

It offers the urban and suburban experiences 

Sandy Springs offers both an urban and suburban feel. The area is mainly filled with younger professionals and families. The public schools in the area are above average, making it perfect for people with school-aged children. 

The locality perfectly balances the active and quick urban lifestyle and nature. It is a great city for food lovers, with exciting and eclectic dining perfect for the adventurous palette. If you love art and culture, there is much to explore in this small yet pulsating city.

Easy to commuting 

You won't have to worry about a long commute as there are multiple options where transportation is concerned. You will easily access the local airport and the metro or share a ride in Uber and Lyft if you want. 

Now that you know what Sandy Springs offers let us get down to the fine details of what it takes to customize a home in the area. You can consider several areas to build your home, but the process of going from a lot to a family home is the same across the board.

Let us delve deeper to find out more.  

Step-by-step process of building a custom home in sandy springs

New construction in Georgia takes an average of 7 months to complete. Your custom home may take longer or short, depending on several factors. It is wise to expect some unexpected occurrences when embarking on your construction project. 

Several things can significantly reduce the time it takes to finish your custom construction. For starters, if you choose a lot that already has a foundation in place, it will take a significantly shorter amount of time than starting from breaking the ground.

Let us check out everything you should when building your custom home in beautiful sandy springs. 

1. Plan your budget 

If you have cash, you don't need to go through with this step. In reality, many people don't buy or build their new homes with cash. So getting preapproved for a loan is the first step you should take. Your builder will often have a lender that you can use to get your loan preapproved. 

Using your builder's lender is a good idea for a smoother transaction. You are, however, not limited to your builder's lender. If you have another lender lined up, you are free to consider them instead. Remember, you may lose the benefits of using your builder's lender, such as covering the closing costs. 

It would help if you got a clear idea of the cost per square foot to ensure you are requesting the right amount. A house in Georgia costs an average of 200 USD per square foot. This number is uncertain, meaning it could be lower or higher by a hundred dollars.  A 2500sq foot home costs anywhere between 200,000 USD and 800,000 USD depending on several factors such as the finishes and the overall design. 

When working out your materials cost, you will also need to consider several factors that affect the current price. On average, it costs about 50% of the total cost of the home to purchase all the materials you will need to complete your construction. 

A huge chunk of that will go towards purchasing lumber – whose price varies from season to season – insulation, floors, interiors, and siding. Depending on your design preferences, the quality of materials you choose, and the finishes, the cost of materials will vary by a factor of up to 20% up or down.  

The interior of your home will also greatly determine how far your budget goes. Finishes range based on their sophistication level, the design's uniqueness, and your preferred style of interiors. 

The labor cost will include paying contractors, construction managers, roofers, plumbers, and electricians. The remaining 50% should cover this amount after considering the cost of materials. 

Another factor to remember is the homeowners’ association fee. The average HOA fee for Georgia is about 2500 USD annually. This cost is slightly higher than the national average but is still close enough to be fair for the area. 

You should also consider the closing costs. This amount is usually about 2% of the total cost of your home. If you are using your builder's lender, you will not need to cover the closing costs alone. This is one added advantage of using your builder's lender. 

2. Choose a builder for your project 

Now that you have your budget covered and know all the costs involved in going from vision to complete construction, it's time to think about who will build your home. It is essential to ensure that your contractor is from that locality. 

Getting a contractor familiar with the area will help you save money and get the best deals for your construction materials. The best contractor for new constructions in Sandy Springs is Traditional Homes of Georgia LLC

Traditional Homes LLC has over 20 years of experience building custom homes in Sandy Springs. Our company is your perfect partner for making your dream home a reality. Finding a great partner for your needs will make the difference between a seamless construction versus a more chaotic experience.

We are state insured and have a ton of elegant custom homes to show for it if you ask around. That means you will be dealing with professionals and experts in custom home building in Sandy Springs.

3. Find a lender 

New home building in Sandy Springs does not have to be complicated. You can easily find the right people to ensure your construction goes well, but without a great lender, it cannot be easy to get things going.

One option we discussed earlier, as far as lenders are concerned, is using your builder's lender. If you already have a preferred lender lined up, you don't have to choose your builder's lender. 

Ensure you know exactly how much you need in deposit fees to get your home off the group. You can also inquire from us or any other builder you choose. After considering several factors, we can always give you a quote to get started.

Additionally, remember that if you need a lot of customization that is not typical of the neighborhood that your lot sits in, you may have to pay cash. The deposit will usually be about 10% of your total construction costs. 

Several homebuyer programs within Georgia can be instrumental in helping you find the down payment to finance your home. 

4. Pick a lot 

With your financing in place, it is relatively easy going forward. Finding your preferred location is one of the most critical aspects of building a custom home. There are several lots available for new home building in Sandy Springs. Finding a great lot depends upon your individual needs as a home buyer and the needs of your family members. 

Depending on your needs and proximity to downtown, the school district, and other amenities, the cost of your lot will vary from one location to another. And based on your budget, you need to be aware of the varying costs of lots. You may also spend more or less on the lot based on the site.  

Ensure you ask about the community plans before you make your purchase. That involves inquiring about the development goals, including retail development and the homes that the community plans on building in the future. 

A lot of communities will usually have a style and aesthetic that they expect new constructions will imitate. Ask your builder what is available to you and how much freedom you have to customize your home. 

Most of the time, you can easily add changes to several factors when customizing your home. Adding something like a sunroom or increasing the amount of space in your garage is relatively easy. 

5. Choose a floor plan 

With a great lot in mind, it is time to decide on the intricate details of your floor plan. This allows you to create your dream home. Floor plans can be changed to accommodate your needs when constructing your home from scratch. 

Your floor plan may need to align with what the rest of the community is upholding when building your home. However, remember that the best part about customizing your home is the flexibility that comes with changing up mass-produced plans to better meet your individual needs as a homeowner. 

6. Choose the best materials depending on the local climate

The local climate is something you cannot forget to consider when building a custom home in sandy springs. Sandy Springs gets about 53 inches of rain year-round on average.

The typical snow is about an inch of annual snow and the average day is warm and cloudy. You should consider this factor when picking materials to build your home.

This is yet another advantage of working with Traditional Homes of Georgia. We keenly understand what the weather offers year-round and which materials are perfect for building your new home.

The best custom home builder in sandy springs should not only be familiar with the area but should also be able to advise you on the best practices and materials when building your custom home. 

7. Ensure you get all the permits and inspections done 

You cannot ignore permits and inspections when building your new home. Before you break ground, ensure you are fully certified and qualified to construct your home. This can feel complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with the required inspections. 

Your local contractor or builder should be able to help you navigate this factor. Inspections ensure your home is safe and your construction project goes well. Failing to do your due diligence where this concerns can lead to extra costs you can’t avoid. 

8. Start your construction 

Now that you have all the factors, it's time to break the ground and begin your construction. New home building in Sandy Springs doesn't need to be complex or challenging. With a great builder, you can have your home done and ready for occupation in just over six months. 

New home construction costs are manageable with enough planning and organization before you get started. 


Building a new home in Sandy Springs doesn't need to be complicated. Custom homes are perfect if you need something unique and personalized.

Working with a qualified builder with experience in the area can save costs and reduce any issues that may occur when building a new home.

Equipped with this information, you are ready to begin your new home construction with Traditional Homes Georgia LLC. Contact us for any inquiries and classic tailor-made homes in Sandy Springs, Atlanta. 

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